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Win a t-shirt from DotSauce

DotSauce ShirtMark from DotSauce is holding a contest to win a t-shirt with the new DotSauce logo. was recently redesigned, and I’m really impressed with the results.

I’m a long-term reader of, and I’ve actually purchased multiple domains from Mark from his personal blog. DotSauce has some really good reads on Domain News (like the article on 6 Places to sell your domain for free,) and if you’re at all interested in domaining, I recommend giving DotSauce a once-over.

The winner will be chosen on October 15th from those entered by writing a post in their own blog about the contest.

Win a t-shirt from Dot-Sauce

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  1. Mark Fulton | Oct 12, 2007 | Reply

    Thanks a million Sensei :0 Great post entry, definitely deserve some form of link back to ContestU. Cheers!

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